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Sharing knowledge to connect society

From Arrabal-AID we are determined that change is possible, and with the SOS CREATIVITY project we are proving once again that by combining resources, experience and knowledge, entities and organizations can help society.

Our multiplier events have stood out due to the closeness of the people that we had attendees, we did not want it to be a session where they listened to us talk about our results, but rather that they participate, interact and give us their opinion.

This was the case with the group of users of the El Embrujo Women's Association, an entity that develops initiatives to work for equality and the role of women in society. The members and users of El Embrujo, were immersed in an Internet security course, to learn to function calmly through their computer or telephone. We had the opportunity to participate in the course, giving a workshop with the resources we have on our SOS CREATIVITY website, specifically focusing attention on the modules on "Online safety and creativity, what's up?", "Threats and challenges in social networks: what to do and what not to do”, “How to identify incomplete information and false news online in a relevant cultural context”. The attendees were surprised by the camouflaged dangers that can be found every day, Remedios, the president highlighted “the website is very useful and the detailed explanation comes. Other times we find resources that require further training to understand what they want to explain.”

In a more educational forum "Educational innovation in Spain",We shared our project with international teachers, whose objective was to learn about non-formal actions in terms of innovation in education. They were surprised, on the one hand, by the group of entities that we had created SOS Creativiy, they applauded the variety of entities and the talents that each participating partner brings, and they admired working together and the merit of working remotely to obtain such a good tool . Analyzing the contents, as teachers, the possibility of downloading the materials in different formats was interesting, “many times we find useful resources but it is impossible to use them due to copyright or because when downloaded they are not in a suitable format for printing. SOS Creativity documents are accessible and transferable, it saves us a lot of time,

Continuing in our purpose of reaching more people, the next event “Educational Resources for Adults”, which we organized, was open to all citizens and public authorities. We had the presence of Pedro Antonio Ramírez, from the Junta de Andalucía, and Francisco José Martín, from the Malaga Provincial Council Delegation for the Elderly, Third Sector and International Cooperation, who supported the continuation and dissemination of projects in education and digital inclusion like SOS Creativity. After the presentations, we had the opportunity to network, and get to know the closest vision of the attendees, who congratulated us on the work and insisted that they would use the resources both individually and professionally. Even after the event


"In the field of Permanent Education to which I am currently dedicated, what is popularly known as adult centers, SOS CREATIVITY constitutes a very interesting material to work on the plan of "Information and communication technologies" that is dedicated precisely to technologically literate the adult population. The groups tend to be mainly middle-aged people with little or no knowledge on the subject or groups of older people, mainly women and in most cases with a very basic level of literacy. For this last group it may be too complex a material, but for the first it is an ideal material that I am sure many teachers will use if they have knowledge of it”