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Creativity S.O.S: IAL FVG successfully implements two face-to-face and T&V presentation sessions of the OER Platform and Training and Tools SOS Session with a group of dynamic seniors from the Pordenone foothills in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)

On September 12 and 19, 2022, IAL FVG organized two sessions presenting the SOS Platform and its face-to-face PR in Cavasso Nuovo, a small municipality in the mountainous area of Friuli Venezia Giulia. 

In these isolated areas, the elderly, i.e., the majority of the resident population, are in dire need of digitization both to avoid isolating themselves and to protect their health and economic well-being. This need was especially evident during the COVID 19 period, when it was difficult/impossible for the elderly to relate to others, to book medications or doctor's visits, to shop in person, and to participate in cultural activities in order not to fall into depression.

The SOS project was seen as a solution to the problems that emerged at that time and still exist.

The meetings were carried out with the cooperation of the "Simpri Giovins" (Always Young) Association with a registered office in the small town of Pordenone.

The data collected were useful to schedule 6 face-to-face T&V sessions of each of the two days of ME.

The T&V program consisted of 6 appointments. 

12.09.2022 >>> (with 13 attendees)   

19.09.2022 >>> (with 18 attendees)   

26.09.2022 >>> (with 18 attendees)   

03.10.2022 >>> (with 17 attendees)   

10.10.2022 >>> (with 11 attendees)   

17.10.2022 >>> (with 8 attendees)  

The topics covered were respectively:

It is never too late to... spend money on culture, comfortably seated on the armchair

Online booking, home-banking, online security

Basics of digital technology

Developing digital content

Cultural opportunities online

Online economic transactions

The meetings were a great success for IAL FVG and for SOS CREATIVITY in general: The hardy seniors confirmed their willingness to continue with other training days similar to the ones held.

We promised that we will accommodate them shortly.